Toby Maloney has traveled the world seeking out the most visceral epicurean experiences. His wanderings have led him from concocting Sang Thip cocktails in the exclusive resorts of Thailand to pulling beers at Oktoberfest in Austria. While, after culinary school, his interests led him to cook in a wide variety of restaurants he redirected those skills and techniques into the emerging cocktail revival as a bartender.

Upon serving as bartender at more than one nationally acclaimed cocktail bar, he co-founded Alchemy Consulting in 2004. His track record is one of the most respected in the industry.

His rich tapestry of experience translates well into his current role as the philosophical guide for Alchemy Consulting. Toby’s chief responsibility, aside from creating award winning cocktail recipes, is instilling a sense of pride within bartenders, strongly believing that the success of any organization lies in the highest levels of customer service.


Jason Cott graduated from Emory University with a degree in comparative literature. While moonlighting as a bartender during his years in the publishing world, his hobby became a passion and, drawn to management, began growing the success of some of the finest restaurants and nightclubs in the city.

Through a partnership with Toby Maloney, he has spearheaded Alchemy Consulting from a company manifested solely on business cards and handshakes to an established firm sought after by large corporations and successful forward-thinking owners.

Jason bridges the gap between creativity and fiscal responsibility. He understands that while service industry programs are kick-started by a labor of love, they survive as a business and must operate as such to ensure the longevity of a project.


Joaquín Simó has traveled a long way from his native Ecuador. While earning a dual degree in English and religion at Boston University, Joaquín tended bar in crowded college dives, raucous rock ‘n’ roll bars and neighborhood restaurants all the while furthering his education on food, spirits, and flavor combinations.

As an opening staff member at New York’s acclaimed cocktail bar Death & Company, Joaquín regales customers with colorful stories and hallowed history of classic spirits and cocktails, easily transitioning from describing particular Tequila regions to the history and production of Scotch.

With achievements such as recipe editor for the Food & Wine 2009 Cocktail Guide, his amiable sense of energy and excitement along with his encyclopedic knowledge is indispensable in the training and furthering development of a staff.

At Tales of the Cocktail, Joaquín was awarded American Bartender of the Year for 2012.


Troy Sidle, with a penchant for the technical aspects of bartending, relishes the details. He utilizes the analytical skills developed in his previous field of computer science for the art of the coffee and cocktails.

Starting his bartending career in Denver, Troy discovered the elements of bartending that began his love for the craft, especially that of cocktails made with fresh ingredients. Upon moving to Chicago, Troy was introduced to The Violet Hour, a bar which so resonated with him he sought out a position as barman. Two years later, he joined the Alchemy team.

Overlapping his time at The Violet Hour, Troy served coffee at Star Lounge Coffee Bar, a boutique coffee roaster, where he picked up an additional skill set in artisanal beverages. He also spent time staging at Chicago’s famous Alinea restaurant, soaking up the creativity and ingenuity of one of the most innovative restaurants in the world. Upon moving to New York City, he conceptualized the augmented coffees and coffee cocktails for The Randolph program.